Innovative “Green” solutions for the maritime sector to achieve the EU & IMO´s GHG emission goals for the year 2030 and 2050.

O.M. Offshore Monitoring worked with number of research and end user partners, including Team Tankers International, Color Line AS, Chalmers Univesity of Technology, GOTA Ship Management, the Cyprus Institute and Optimum AB, on innovative products, solutions and services.

Our portfolio of products, solutions and services is geared towards solving different maritime challenges. Particular emphasis lies on performance, reduction of GHG emissions, efficiency, safety, security and navigation at sea and in coastal areas.

The monitoring systems and sensor solutions that we have developed are suitable for a wide variety of applications, for example:

VoyOpt provides a 24/7 automated Voyage Optimization and Weather Routing service. It will guide ships from one port to another, in the most optimal way according to the end-user’s desired objectives. It provides optimized routes in an everchanging dynamic ocean environment for maritime traffic. Our system calculates the Voyage Optimization based on its input of metocean conditions obtained from an extensive catalogue of inputs from Earth Observations (EO) data, in-situ observations, weather forecast models and ML/AI. Our proprietary ship performance models allow to optimize for (any or a combination of) minimum fuel consumption, lowest emissions, best Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), safest voyage, least ship structural stress, and so forth. The VoyOpt core technology of the Voyage Optimization and Weather Routing service is built upon five major components: Data Merging System (DMS), Ship Performance Models (SPM), Sailing Constraints, Optimization System, and VoyOpt user friendly Graphical User Interface.

​The ladar system (Ladar) offers a more complete, accurate, reliable and adaptable solution to maritime security, safety and surveillance and protects large and small vessels, ports, offshore and onshore platforms, pipelines, amongst others from sea and port collisions with other vessels and with floating, partially submerged and submerged objects, such as containers and ice floes, but also allows for surveillance of infrastructures or areas, law enforcement, maintenance and environmental activities.

Multi-sensor offshore safety system (SOS) helps to reduce the loss of lives at sea. It is a new automatic man overboard alert system, which uses advanced integrated sensor technology to detect any person falling overboard in real time and instantenously alarms the crew in such an event.

Radar surveilance system (APS-NET) enabling highly accurate observations of objects surrounding the ship or offshore platform or coastal infrastructure. The system can either be used as a primary surveillance and monitoring system, or as a valuable addition to conventional surveillance and monitoring techniques to increase accuracy, resolution (both spatial and temporal) and usability in various weather and sea state conditions.

Our solutions are installed on a test vessel, our own custom made catamaran of 18,3 x 8,6 meters, which is specifically designed for testing, validating, demonstrating and promotion purposes.

The map below will show you where our test vessel is currently located so if we are in your area and you would like to have a demonstration then please email us at [email protected]