Our Team

Sverre Dokken

Founder & Chief Scientist Officer

Inventor, Entrepreneur, 10+ Startups and 20+ years of Maritime R&D projects

Tech. Ph.D. in Remote Sensing and an M.B.A. in Finance

Jacek Gruszka

Director – Head of Business Development

Successful Business and Project Manager with 10+ years experience in business development, maritime R&D Projects

Lance Savaria

Head of Projects

25+ years in Commercial Shipping, Regulatory Affairs, Border Security, Emergency Response, and Digital Learning

B.Sc. Nautical Sciences and M.B.A. Business Administration

Waqas Qazi

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

15+ years of expertise in remote sensing and satellite oceanography 

Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Gabi Gudaityte

Project Coordinator / IPR Manager

10+ years in Leadership, Business Development and Law LLB & LPC 

M.Sc. In Law, Business and Management

Andrea Littardi

Head of Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) Development

ML and AI Expert

Industrial Ph.D. – Cyprus Institute


Constantinos Lavithis

Head of Accounts – Finance Professional

B.A. Hons. Accountancy & Finance

Rawail Naeem

Project/Grant Manager

5+ years of experience in Geographic Information System (GIS), Technical Writing, and Innovation Strategy

M.Phil. in GIS and remote sensing

Lazlo Soltesz

Software Developer

Domain Expertise in Machine Learning, GPU Programming, LiDAR technologies, & Networking

M.Sc. in Specialized Computer Science


Shahbaz Baig

Metocean/EO Data Specialist

Research and Analysis for GIS & Remote Sensing projects 

Ph.D. in Information Technology


Orestis Ioannou

Software Developer

13+ years’ expertise in Advanced Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence 

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering