Business Coaching

Based in Cyprus with clients, partners and colleagues all over the globe.

O.M. Offshore Monitoring is an SME specialising in innovation of maritime technologies and coordination of research and development activities. We have our technical, business and commercialization departments working side by side with the researchers and innovators.

Our mission is to transfer maritime and non-maritime emerging technologies to the maritime sector. We facilitate the development of monitoring systems and sensor solutions for maritime sector using innovative approaches and unconventional techniques.


Performance, Safety, Security and Navigation for the Maritime Sector.

Key Personnel

Sverre Dokken

Founder & Chief Scientist Officer
Inventor, Entrepreneur, 10+ startups and
20+ years of maritime R&D projects, Tech. Dr. in Remote Sensing and an MBA in Finance.

Gabi Gudaityte

Head of HR and Legal Dept.
10+ years in leadership, business development and law. LLB & LPC Msc in Law, Business and Management.

Jacek Gruszka

Director – Head of Business Development
Successful Business and Project Manager with 10+ years experience in business development, maritime R&D Projects.

Waqas Qazi

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
15+ years of expertise in remote sensing and satellite oceanography, Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Sciences.

Andrea Littardi

Head of ML/AI Development
Industrial PhD via Cyprus Institute. Machine Learning and AI expert. Proactive team leader.

Rawail Naeem

Grant & Content Manager
5+ years of experience in GIS, Mphil in GIS and remote sensing technical writing and innovation strategy.